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From music videos to online video courses, from shooting live events to shooting interviews in our studio, we have done full service production, editing, and more.


Our staff music composer / producer creates original music for our film and video projects, and also records live musical talent
when and as needed.


With complete capability to create broadcast quality full-length feature documentaries, or short films, we choose to work on topics we find enlightening!


We have all the advantages of a boutique production studio that can specialize

With years of experience in post-production, music production, visual editing, and full production, we are still a small enough boutique operation to tackle the unique projects.

We create compelling media

We specialize in projects that stand out. Whether it be a visually dramatic music video or a sonically epic film score, a thought-provoking documentary or just a clear and well-produced video presentation, we focus on making the project look and sound the BEST in every way.


Gathering information, creating an outline and timeline, setting goals.


Shooting in-studio or on-locatiion, editing, writing, or recording music.

Post Production

Assembling, editing, and refining the raw materials into a final master. 

Background Visuals
for Live Events

We have also created the background video elements behind Grammy-winning performers.

Ads or PSA’s

We have worked on short Public Service Announcements and broadcast quality ad campaign videos.



Below are just a few examples of the kinds of work we have produced.


A music video created to showcase the music of Grammy-winning classical composer Danaë Xanthe Vlasse, featuring Grammy-winning singer Hila Plitmann, with piano by acclaimed Gold Medal award-winning pianist Robert Thies.

Ritual Path

“Ritual Path” was a collaborative work, where we created over an hour’s worth of original music and vocals to showcase the brilliant illustration of visual artist John S. Banks.

Caesar’s Messiah

“Caesar’s Messiah” was a feature-length documentary based on the book of the same name authored by Joseph Atwill, to explain his scholarly thesis.

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Our Team

The “dynamic duo” of Fritz Heede and Nijolė Sparkis offer
a unique, creative approach to the projects they take on.

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Fritz Heede

Director / Producer

Nijole Sparkis
(pronounced “Neola”)

Writer / Producer


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